Advanced Roofing Technologies

for Fast, Professional and Affordable Roof Repairs

Advanced Roofing Technologies has been repairing residential and commercial roofs since 1988. We primarily serve the Illinois communities of Grayslake, Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich and Wauconda.

Our very tough Chicagoland weather has the potential to damage your roof. Hail, heavy snowfall, wind, debris and tree branches can lead to leaks and damage. Whether a home or business, a leak stemming from a damaged roof can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of severe damage. Bad leaks can not only become “cosmetic problems” such as damaged drywall, but structural problems. Unchecked leaks warp, weaken and rot wooden support beams, create mold, damage flooring, wipe out electrical circuits and cause many other problems. Please don’t ignore leaks because “sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t.” The leak from a damaged roof does not go away!

We Give Your Roof Repair Our Highest Priority

When your residential or commercial roof is damaged and needs repair, please call Advanced Roofing Technologies for an honest, professional and trustworthy evaluation. We will thoroughly conduct an inspection of your entire roof and then diagnose exactly what your particular problem entails. We are careful to explain to every one of our roofing customers the best way to handle the repair and then we immediately get to work to correct the problem. There are times when a repair can be minor and we can fix it in practically no time at all, and other times when the damage is extensive.

No matter your particular damaged roof situation, we consider a damaged roof to be a true emergency for your home or business. Rest assured, we treat your family like our family; every roof repair we make is made to assure your comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Have a Leaking Roof? Call us now!

If your roof needs repairs please don’t delay. The damage will only get worse over time.

Let us come by to take a look and tell you what we need to do. We are not high-pressure sales people, and we are local! We have served the community a long time. Quality for quality, you will not find a more professional, friendly and affordable roofing company than Advanced Roofing Technologies.