Roofing Frequenty Asked Questions

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Home Inspectors ARE NOT licensed roofers. They may be able to accurately assess your roof,
however they do not usually have experience in this field. This can cause problems with the
inspection report, due to the lack of knowledge in the industry. It is a much safer bet to have a licensed professional in that field to assess any work that may be needed. Furthermore, in the state of Illinois home inspectors are not required to go on a roof that exceeds one story. Since many homes are two stories, this can leave you without an accurate assessment of the entire roof condition.

While we will work with insurance companies, when we make a contract, our contract is with
the client. The signer of the contract is responsible for the remaining balance once work is
completed. Advanced Roofing Technologies has the option to set up payment plans at our

Typically insurance companies will pay for a roof that has been damaged by weather or some
other act of god (Fire, weather, animals,etc). All insurance companies tend to vary a little bit in
regards to their coverage. It’s best to talk to your agent to see whether the roof would be
covered under these circumstances.

You can call our office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and Saturday, 8:00 A.M.
to 12:00 P.M. We can be reached at (847) 606-8934. We can also be found on Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our E-Mail is

Roof replacement costs vary depending on surface area of the roof, pitch, height and choice of material. Typically, for a standard single family home with a 2 story roof and a slope of
approximately 30 degrees a price per 100 square feet of removal and replacement should cost somewhere in the area of $275-$300 for a typical architectural shingle. With a weight of
approximately 260 to 300# per 100 square feet. For more information, please set up an
appointment for a more accurate estimate.

This depends on a few different things. If there is a deposit required, the deposit must be sent
prior to scheduling, as well as a signed contract. If it is a shingle roof removal and replacement, we need to know the color the client has chosen for their new roof prior to ordering material. If the material is special order, that could also cause some delay. Lastly, the weather can prevent us from working. If there is bad weather it can push our schedule back, as we schedule on a “first come, First Serve” basis. The average timing to schedule projects once all information has been provided is approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Our roofing warranty insures that the roof has been installed per manufacturer specifications using proper fasteners and industry standards. In the event that there is a failure due to our
workmanship, any and all needed repairs would be covered by Advanced Roofing Technologies. This includes any interior damage.

A transferable roofing warranty is a warranty that would transfer to a new owner if the warranty is still within terms. Advanced Roofing Technologies offers transferable labor warranties.

The cost for a Shingle roof inspection is $150.00 and is due prior to scheduling the
appointment. We do Reimburse the inspection for all work performed by Advanced Roofing
Technologies totaling over the amount of $650.00. For a Cedar shake or Modified bitumen
(A.K.A. Flat roof) roof inspection, the cost is $200.00 and is also due prior to the inspection. This Inspection Fee is reimbursed on all work performed by us totaling over the amount of $700.00 for Cedar shake roofing and Modified Bitumen Roofing systems.

The difference is in the cost, style and warranty. Typically, Architectural shingles carry a better
warranty and are becoming more popular than a standard 3-Tab, but they are also more

An Inspection is to determine the condition of your roof and whether or not any work needs to
be done (also, there are no current problems). An Estimate is when a specific problem is
occurring needs to be repaired.

Typically, we use GAF or Owen’s Corning Products. If the client has requested a different brand or product, we do our best to Accommodate, while keeping our clients informed that this may change the price. We always ask that if you have a specific product or brand in mind, let us know prior to the appointment or receipt of the estimate.

Call animal control. Make sure the animals have been removed prior to getting the roof

Damage caused by other trades, animals, or an act of god MAY void the warranty. Advanced
Roofing Technologies has a right to determine whether we will honor the warranty if any of the above occurs.

A shingle roof (if installed properly) should last anywhere from 20- 30 years. The roof life can
increase or decrease based on location, pitch, trees in the area, weather conditions, etc. Cedar shake roofs can last 40+ years depending on the sub straight that they have been installed on.